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It Is All About Outstanding Service and Public Protection

We believe that with the right education and tools, the quality of professional services provided to our maturing population will rise to an even higher standard of excellence.

Everyone has a role to play in public protection. Regulators, companies, managers, compliance officers, professional associations, individuals, educators, and the public must all come together in the mutual commitment to establish, monitor, and enforce the highest possible standard of service.

As more and more professionals learn about the unique needs of an aging population, and gain a greater understanding, respect, and sensitivity to the issues impacting older persons, a critical mass or tipping point will be established and a new standard will become the new normal. To establish this critical mass, Age-Friendly Business® is committed to offering quality education and to make this available to as many professionals as possible.

While the establishment of a critical mass is important, we want the CPCA® designation to maintain its symbol of excellence, and to maintain the integrity of the vision and the commitment. This means that although we believe everyone needs this training, not everyone has earned the right to hold themselves out as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA)®.

No system is perfect. However, the lack of a 'perfect solution' should not deter us from trying to establish reasonable criteria that relates directly to indicators of good business practice. To that end, Age-Friendly Business® requires each applicant to complete a legal and regulatory disclosure form, and requires each CPCA to commit to the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility. To maintain their CPCA membership in good standing, all CPCAs must update the disclosure form annually, commit to the CPCA Code of Professional Responsibility annually, complete the on-going continuing education requirements, and remit their annual membership dues to Age-Friendly Business®.

Age-Friendly Business® has established an independent Board of Standards to monitor compliance with this Code of Professional Responsibility, and to adjudicate any complaints about the conduct of a CPCA member.



"This is leading edge. This is a gift to society as a whole. It carries a responsibility to perform at your best each and every day. It gives the tools to ensure that this is truly possible."
Joe Daley

"I feel the course and designation is a must for anyone who works with our senior population. It opens the door of awareness and challenges us to grow, and serve and respect this most important cohort.

It helps us define our purpose and breathes more life into our business."
Dan McCormick

"On behalf of my clients, thank you for this course. It was great! I feel better empowered to give service to my senior clients both now and in the future. My hat goes off to you folks for a job well done."
David Crouse

"From a spiritual perspective, it was an uplifting experience - that all would appreciate. It really is about Ethics and doing the right things at the right time and in helping our seniors to progress to the final stages of life."
Mike Kljajic